Our client, a kitchen & bathroom installation company based in the Peterborough UK, was facing challenges in expanding their revenue as they were capped with high value enquiries. They approached our marketing agency for help in growing their business and reaching new customers.

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Kitchen & Bathrooms Installation
Sales Support, Lead Generation, Paid Advertising, data management


The main challenge for our client was to increase their customer base and revenue in order to grow their team and put them in a position where their business can scale. They also faced challenges in generating leads and managing their sales pipeline effectively.


Our team implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to help the client achieve their goals. We began by conducting market research to identify the target audience and understand their needs and preferences. We then developed a marketing plan that included a mix of online and offline strategies such as social media advertising, email marketing, and automations.

To increase lead generation and appointment bookings, we implemented an automated lead generation and appointment generation system. We also provided training and support to the client’s current staff on how to effectively engage with customers and promote the business.

In addition, we assisted the client with the following:

Total Leads Since Joining: 383 Leads

Total Booked surveys since joining: 107

Total Sales since joining: 55

Revenue Since working with FAIO: £530,435

We also provided full branding design, CRM build and sales pipeline integration, internal project management and communication system.


As a result of our efforts, the client was able to increase their customer base and revenue. They were able to grow the business, open a bathroom showroom and add £530,438 in revenue in less than 10 months. The business is positioned to scale, thanks to the foundation we helped build.

The implementation of the automated lead generation and appointment generation system helped the client to book over 107 appointments for quotes

Conclusion: Our marketing agency was able to help this small business achieve their goals of expanding their workforce and revenue through a comprehensive marketing strategy. By identifying their target audience and providing training and support, we were able to help them increase their customer base and revenue position the business for scaling. The implementation of an automated lead generation and appointment generation system and other technical support helped them to effectively manage their sales pipeline and increase their customer base.